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Each mentor at JIG Reel Studios is an active member in the entertainment industry excited to help new actors build their careers. Every step along the way creating a game plan, choosing the right headshots, building the resumes and reel, picking acting classes, and agent submissions.

JIG Reel Studios’ mentors help you get your career off the ground. JIG Reel Studios can even assist you in joining SAG! Almost more importantly, your mentor will teach you invaluable networking and marketing skills so you can build a database of industry professionals. Learn these skills and you will automatically be ahead of the game!

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“Looks great; been sharing it with friends and have received high praise!  Indeed, it’s like its own little movie.  Can’t wait to work with you guys again.  Soooooon!”

-Alessandra Assaf

“JIG Reel Studios is the best! They totally put the customer FIRST! I had a ball doing mine!”


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