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Rated Top Produced Demo Reel Service

“I LOVE your reels so much! They are professional, creative and show great work from actors. AS a Manager I thank you for your creativity in create art in the reels you do. Can’t wait to see more amazing work from JIG.”
Wendy Alane Wright, Talent Manager
“What I quickly found out about JIG Reel Studios is how professional they are, and the fantastic product they produce for their clients. I have shown this scene to other actors, directors, and producer I have worked with. They have all commented on the quality of the scene, and I truly believe this is definitely a reason I have been called in more since I have incorporated JIG Reel’s scene into my own reel. Thank you JIG Reel Studios…you are amazing.”
Robin Shelby
“Just wanted to pass word that I just booked and shot a CO-STAR spot on the upcoming NEW Nickelodeon show “100 Things To Do Before High School.” This is exactly the type of work I was looking to pinpoint after shooting my latest scenes with you guys. I really wanted to capture big character driven comedies and this latest booking is exactly that! The reels helped!”
Raymond Morris
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